Mobile Vac Trailers


Customvac Australia

Solidtech Engineering Services was approached by Customvac for the design and supply of complete fabrication drawings for one of their specialised product lines. After outlining all their specific product requirements Solidtech Engineering undertook the processes required to deliver the entire drawing package for the fabrication of the 6614 Agri-Vac.  

The project included on-site measuring of existing purchased components and obtaining data from relevant suppliers to create a complete model that was used to prove the design prior to fabrication. The same model was then used to create the fabrication drawings for the product, hence eliminating any possibility of error through design of the final product.

Some examples of product requirements that were needed to create the 6614 Agri-vac are as follows:

•    Consideration of health and safety for operator use, which included guarding the motor and other potentially dangerous components.
•    Retro fitting the frame between different models.
•    Equipment weight and dimensions to comply within the Australian standards.
•    Modification to purchased components for adaptation of new design.
•    Trailer frame to suit Australia’s harsh operational conditions.

All of these product requirements were carried out successfully by Solidtech Engineering. Customvac Australia now have a fully detailed design which exceeds their original expectations, capable of easy modification for alternate sizes and configurations.

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