Engineering Services

Solidtech Engineering is a high quality provider of mechanical engineering and drafting services. We provide our clients with excellent technical abilities, which, when coupled with the level of technology we utilise, ensures that the work is completed accurately and efficiently. We currently service clients in the mining, oil and gas, agricultural, transport, and consumer goods industries.

We are frequently requested to take on-site details and measure existing structures or equipment for analysis and modification.  Our principal engineer, John Shaw, is an RPEQ qualified Mechanical Engineer, giving Solidtech Engineering the capacity to take a job from start to finish.

We have significant experience in many broad applications for design, analysis and drafting.  Some of these are:

  • Mechanical Analysis
  • Structural Analysis
  • Detailed Finite Element Analysis
  • Equipment Design and Drafting
  • Plant Maintenance Support Equipment
  • Lifting Equipment, Beams and Monorails
  • Oil and Gas Rig Masts and Substructures
  • Transport Frames and Load Restraint
  • Work Platforms
  • Impact/Demolition Tools
  • Customised Trailers

Suffice to say that our practical experience covers an extremely broad range of work. We will always be straightforward in our response to your questions and work specifically to your best interests.  Where our tasks overlap with skill sets better suited to others, we engage sub-contractors to complete specific portions of the work.  We enjoy excellent relationships with civil and structural engineers, electrical and hydraulics specialists, as well as a number of fabrication and machining workshops.

Our clients often contact us with urgent needs and requiring short lead times.  We are committed to remaining as responsive as possible, and will do everything we can to attend urgent requests.

Design Conformance and Certification

Solidtech offers RPEQ (Registered Professional Engineer Queensland) engineering certification in the form of both Design Conformance and Equipment Certification.

Design Conformance confirms that an item is designed according to the appropriate Australian or International Standards.  Solidtech will complete the calculations and analysis required and will either create or review the manufacturing drawings to ensure that the information contained on them is correct.

Equipment Certification is intended to give the best possible assurance that an item is both designed and manufactured to appropriate standards, and is suitable for use in the stated conditions.  Equipment Certification includes all of the requirements of a Design Conformance, with additional requirements determined by the intended end use of the equipment, as well as the materials used in manufacture.

Additional Drafting Services

In addition to the above services which typically combine the resources of our engineers and draftsmen, we are also proficient in other areas more specifically related to drafting services:

  • Contract Drafting
  • Onsite training of SolidWorks
  • Promotional/descriptive models and rendered images for client brochures, parts and maintenance manuals, proposals and vendor data approvals


Design Software

Our suite of design and drafting software includes the following.

  • Solidworks
  • AutoCAD
  • Solidworks Simulation (FEA)
  • Strand7
  • Mathcad
  • AutoCAD
  • Mesh Lab
  • Blender
  • Cyclone
We use Solidworks for the majority of our design and drafting projects.  We have extensive experience with Solidworks, and are able to provide training and advice to clients using or considering this software.