Client Testimonials


Centor Australia Pty Ltd

"Thank you for the support you have given us at Centor Research & Development. I would have no hesitation in recommending your services to anyone thinking about getting help with the Engineering Services you supply. Your professionalism and commitment was of the highest standard that I have seen available from your industry. The project you were involved with for us was applied to our US catalogues which went to the largest builders show on the planet (International Builders Show at Orlando, USA, January 2006), which was deemed very successful. Your response time and commitment to our project was very important to ensure we met our deadlines, which were handled beautifully. After applying constraints in CAD (Solidworks), you also documented these for use as a reference and standard, which we still have in use to this day. Once again thank you for your help and I look forward to our next project. "
Shane Smith,
Technical Specialist (Customer Systems)


Russell Mineral Equipment

"RME’s core competencies are invention, development, detailed design, quality manufacture, global distribution and support for special machines solving unique problems in the world’s mining industry. Most of RME’s income is derived from our dominance in the world’s grinding mill relining technology niche, our mill Relining System technologies being products of these core competencies.

All product and service deliverables require highly skilled personnel. Also, these niche markets are subjected to fluctuations in workload. RME therefore needs the ability to expand and contract capacity without resorting to a demoralising and inefficient ‘hire’ and ‘fire’ cycle.

Our design capacity expansion is now being provided by Solidtech Engineering. Over the past 2 ½ years Solidtech has provided RME with a wide range of services, all delivered promptly and meeting RME’s strict quality standards. These services have included:

  • New product development,
  • Presentations and proposals,
  • Design concept and development,
  • Site commissioning,
  • Project management,
  • Continuous product development design improvements, and
  • Streamlining design processes

Solidtech’s engineering design and drafting expertise, quality ethic, and their genuine desire to see RME’s products maintain their world class status are all valued and appreciated. I personally have an extremely strong focus on ensuring that the quality of design is maintained and Solidtech continue to meet that expectation. Solidtech is a valued resource and we look forward to continuing our long relationship with them.
John Russell
Managing Director


Easternwell Group’s growth and technological advantage is the direct result of the hard work and innovation of its staff and contractors. Professional engineering services are of great importance to the operation of our fleet of drilling and workover rigs and Solidtech Engineering has provided this to a very high standard. I have found Solidtech’s technical abilities to be of a high calibre, and just as importantly they have approached every task for us with enthusiasm, good communication and a commitment to seeing it through. Solidtech’s work has been a part of our success in designing, constructing and maintaining our workover rigs, as well as three of the most technologically advanced drilling rigs ever built. Solidtech are a quality engineering company and we look forward to continuing our relationship with them.
Mike Maguire
General Manager - Operations Suport